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CFM or Checkerd Flag Machine (the induction development side of Ceralli Racing Engines) has moved.
Now trading as CFM South ...Porting services & R&D will continue & CNC programs still available. CFM South can be reached at : 862-254-6594  Find us on facebook:

Custom porting Services:   Any level of porting is available , from gasket match to welded , relocated , fully ported race applications! We do quite a lot of R&D projects , some just for our own knowledge here in the shop, some for CNC programs etc...
The custom , "one of" nature of most of this , makes it difficult to create a specific price list . But here are some general guide lines of what to expect to pay for certain projects. Please inquire for your specific needs! We look forward to talking with you !!!

Common intake manifold work:
 Plenum detail:  Set cross-sections at plenum entries to cubic inch & RPM , also tailor runner divider length to application , surface finishing (polishing) or texturing .   $600.00-800.00 
Port match:  requires heads to be sent as well as intake manifold for specific applications ...exception is a very general application matched to a certain gasket. $200.00

Fully ported intake manifold: Very application specific , includes all plenum details mentioned above , plus full runner contouring , sometimes welding or epoxy , pinned match at the heads etc...  
Starting at $800.00 , can be $1,500.00-2,000.00  ***over 40 hours of hand labor in these applications!

Misc. cylinder head port work:
A very common job is to"Upgrade" a set of intake ports for a new c.i. or RPM range . This could be a set of catalog production CNC'd heads that you maybe have been running for a while , that now need a bit more due a bigger short block or more rpm etc …  we will flow test and evaluate your combo and add a new valve job, possibly a larger intake valve , and larger cross-sectional areas of the intake port . Prefer to match an intake manifold with the head to get the most out of your combination!   Intake ports labor only , typical ...including valve seat work.  $800.00 -1,000.00