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​ Here at Checkered Flag Machine...we don't necessarily want to port EVERY cylinder head out there...but yet offer our customers the induction package for thier specific at a time!  Looking at it not only as an R&D shop and CNC cylinder head service...but as a full service race engine shop as well...we can offer the customer the total package  from short block design and construction where it all begins...on up to heads and manifolds . We can also provide digitizing and machining of your own port designs...just for you! Here are some of the programs we have , please call for custom design/development options...we are looking forward to talking with you!  

Edelbrock 15 degree 7754 small block Chevy . Several options to choose from up to 2.220 int. valve with 1.560 ex valve . Packages starting at : $3,595 bare** 

Edelbrock Victor 7721 15 degree small block Ford . Standard "sportsman" package developed for med.-large displacement moderate RPM engines with stainless Ferrea valves 2.150/1.600...but many options available please call .  Packages starting at : $3,195 bare** 

Edelbrock 7709 Glidden 15 degree small block Ford . Intended for higher RPM applications featuring a 2.200-2.220 int. valve size . Packages starting at : $3,595 bare**

All Pontiac Tiger 12 degree raised port traditional Pontiac . Several versions of the baddest head on the the planet for Ponchos !! Anything from bowl and
chamber work large CSA , 2.350-2.375 valve race versions. This is an 1,100-1,200 h.p. capable head...a Pontiac!   Package pricing :  Please contact All

Edelbrock Performer RPM Pontiac . Intended for medium to large displacement , hyd. roller engines with no offset rockers/lifters , a street package , 2.190/1.710 valve sizes
valve sizes . Package pricing :   Please contact All 

​ ***CFM... (the induction development side of Ceralli Racing Engines) has been relocated ! The CNC programs are still very much so available and development will continue even more so than before . We appreciate your understanding through this transition . Thank You!!! CFMSouth can be reached at : 862-254-6594  or  find us on facebook at :
Custom cast intake manifolds available : many options to suit your needs from the basics of port matching and blending... all the way to maximum effort welded   , dominator conversions etc... call for a custom quote!!