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  Vacuum pump adjuster/ relief valve:  
 These are a nifty way to regulate your crankcase vacuum...Unlike the others on the market , this adjuster does two things , you can shim to regulate the event that you lose a pump belt , the valve will lift and relieve crankcase pressure! Clamp on filters will also work with it , but not included. 
Victor 7721 flange adapters
​Check out these custom exhaust  flange adapters and sheet metal intake flanges we made originally for our in house project 309c.i. some  years ago. Have only a few pairs left and once they're gone...they're gone! High quality CNC'd and feature a reduced port exit on the exhaust for custom porting. The intake window is 2.370" x 1.400" at the head . The front side is .090" bigger all the way around and well chamfered for runner insert and welding .back of plate is gaskets!  both plates are .500" thick 6061 aluminum.  While they last... Intake flanges: 
                                                                                                 $ 100.00 pr.
                                                                      Exhaust flanges $80.00 pr.